bulkload.pl - the bulkload script
bulkload.txt - sample bulkload input script

Bulkload was written very hastily but has been useful to a number of VPS administrators nevertheless. It is sparsely commented and slightly buggy (I can see at least two non-critical bugs in it just glancing). I might fix the bugs someday if someone notices them ;o) Current version: 1.04 (Fri Jul 11 10:34:31 MDT 2003)

usage: bulkload.pl

bulkload will look in the current working directory for a file called
"bulkload.txt"; if it is found it will add a user (via native VPS 1
system calls).

bulkload has not been tested on VPS v2. However, vadduser for VPS v2
is reliable, well-tested, and suitable for command-line use.
Scott Wiersdorf